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Monarch Lacquer

Weather the Storm - 6 Piece Collection

Weather the Storm - 6 Piece Collection

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The 6 Piece Collection will be available for a limited time.

Thunder Echo: A light greige base with pink to orange shifting micro flake and silver reflective glitter
Skyfire: light purple leaning gray with fine yellow-orange-cherry aurora shimmer
Acid Rain: A light taupe base with magenta-green aurora shimmer loaded with yellow-green-teal shifting chameleon flakes
Ominous Sky: A muted khaki green with a fine green-bronze shifting shimmer
Raindrop Prism: Teal-violet shifting shimmer doused with holo flake.
Storm Surge: Organized chaos in a bottle.  This polish has no base color and is made up of micro ultra chameleon chrome flakes that shift from a brilliant deep blue-plum-red.  Mixed with micro holo flake for a truly dynamic look.  
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